Team Interactive
Runs Boston

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Today’s leading technology professionals run the Boston Marathon to inspire the next generation of technology leaders.

The Runners

  • Craig Meisner
  • Executive Director Emeritus, CampInteractive
  • Entrepreneur, Fundraiser, Youth Advocate, Outdoorsman, Runner. I’m running the Boston Marathon for CI because I believe in the power of technology education to inspire and empower young people. For the past ten years, I have watched young people re-imagine themselves and their potential as they gained valuable skills and became leaders in their schools and communities. I’m honored to run in Boston with 36,000 other amazing people. I’m certain that this will be one of the most emotional and inspiring races of my life. I’m thrilled to able to participate and support the kids of CampInteractive.
  • Target Time: 04:30:00
  • @craigadam
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  • Bijan Sabet
  • General Partner, Spark Capital
  • Married to @laurensabet, dad, early @twitter investor, camera nerd, optimist. I’m running the boston marathon to ensure CI students get an opportunity to become the next generation of technology leaders.
  • Target Time: 04:30:00
  • @BIJAN
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  • Ryan Sarver
  • Partner, Redpoint Ventures
  • I am a self-taught programmer and learning how to program was the most empowering thing I've ever done. Technology allows kids to create a world of their own imagining and to understand that they alone have the ability to make an impact. I love supporting CI in their endeavor to introduce kids with the least access to the opportunities that lie in technology and the self-empowerment it enables.
  • Target Time: 04:30:00
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  • Toby Daniels
  • CEO, Crowdcentric
  • We are all striving for the same thing in life, so why should I have a better shot at success than someone from an underserved part of New York City, Boston or anywhere for that matter? Regardless of your background, wealth, ethnicity or economic status, CI instills in us the idea that we can achieve extraordinary things in life as long as we push ourselves further than we ever thought possible. Whether you are one of the students, a volunteer, a member of staff, a board member or someone running the Boston Marathon, you are part of the CI community. I am running Boston because I believe that that I have an obligation to push myself and strive to achieve more so that I can help others do the same. We're just at the beginning of our journey to bridge the economic, digital and social divide that exists in our society and I am proud to be part of this amazing team.
  • Target Time: 04:00:00
  • @TOBYD
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  • Ian Rogers
  • I was a teen dad living on welfare in section 8 housing. Through financial aid and student loans I finished a degree in computer science and went from poor kid in Indiana to (relatively) rich dude in Santa Monica. As a CEO I see how hard it is to find tech talent and how entitled so much Bay Area tech talent is. My hope is CI can move talented kids into technical roles breaking the cycle of poverty and injecting talent that’s hard-working and thankful for the opportunity.
  • Target Time: 3:30:00
  • @IANCR
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  • Joe Marchese
  • CEO, true[x] media
  • Having lived in Boston for years, and running the Boston last year, finishing just before the tragedy, I immediately swore to myself that I would run again the next year. And there is no charity I would rather be running for than CI. Education in general, and technology education specifically, can be the key to giving a child the chance to reach their dreams despite being dealt nearly impossible situations to overcome. CI's mission to give kids not only technical training, but leadership mentoring, can truly be the winning formula that can help kids go from tough situations to becoming the leaders we need for the next generation.
  • Target Time: 02:59:59
  • I'm & Feel Like with to
  • Dennis Crowley
  • Dennis Crowley is the co-founder of Foursquare, a service that combines social networks, location awareness and game mechanics to encourage people explore the world around them. Previously, Dennis founded Dodgeball, one of the first mobile social services in the US, which was acquired by Google in 2005. I’m running the Boston Marathon to ensure CI students get an opportunity to become the next generation of technology leaders.
  • Target Time: 04:00:00
  • @DENS
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  • Christopher Heuisler
  • RunWESTIN Concierge, Westin Hotels & Resorts
  • I have lived in Boston for just over a year and came here because, amongst other reasons,this is one of the best running cities in the world. The tragedy of last year's race makes participation in this year's marathon more than a privilege. It will be an honor to line up with 36,000 other deserving runners as a way to show our respect for the victims of 2013. CI's team is an inspiring group of individuals and I'm flattered that I'll have the opportunity to help coach them.
  • Target Time: 02:59:00
  • @Run_Westin
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The Finish Line

What is CI?

Camp Interactive exists to cultivate the potential of America’s underserved youth. High school students learn technology skills that expose them to the world outside of what they know, and guide them towards success in the face of economic immobility.

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All money raised will go directly to funding technology education, experiential leadership experiences, and paid summer internships that will have a powerful impact on CI’s students’ potential to participate in the technology revolution.
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New York, NY, March 4, 2014 – Camp Interactive (CI) is proud to announce its second annual Boston Marathon initiative, Team Interactive, which includes top tech executives participating to raise money for technology education, experiential leadership experiences, and summer internships. The campaign will fund opportunities for CI students to engage in the tech revolution.

Dennis Crowley, CEO & Co-founder, Foursquare, and Bijan Sabet, Partner, Spark Capital, will co-lead Team Interactive in the 118th Boston Marathon on April 21, 2014.

The rest of the team includes:

  • Joe Marchese (CEO, Socialvibe)
  • Ryan Sarver (Partner, Redpoint Ventures)
  • Toby Daniels (Co-founder & CEO, Crowdcentric)
  • Craig Meisner (Executive Director Emeritus, CI).

This year’s goal is to raise at least $60,000.

“It’s an honor and privilege to train and run alongside such inspiring business leaders in technology,” said Craig Meisner. “The funds we raise as Team Interactive will ensure that hundreds of young people get exposure to the critical skills of coding and leadership that will keep America’s technology sector ahead of the pack for generations to come.”

Last year, CI raised enough funds to launch a summer internship program,, in Boston. The program is a nationwide initiative that provides American youth with tech training, professional development, and first-hand learning.

“We have some of the biggest names in tech coming out to support the next generation of tech leaders. I can’t think of anything that better embodies the forward looking spirit of the Boston Marathon than what Team Interactive is going to accomplish,” said Michael Denton, CEO of Camp Interactive.


About Camp Interactive

Camp Interactive’s year-round programs introduce inner-city, at-risk youth to the creative power of technology. Using cutting-edge tech education tools to provide students with the skills and opportunities they need to succeed, we instill the leadership qualities necessary to achieve their potentials.

Our modular, project-based curriculum provides an adaptive learning environment in which the students will flourish and focus on teamwork, self-confidence and sense of community. This dynamic experience prepares them to thrive through ambiguity in their academics and kickstarts success in their professional careers.

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Katie Campisano
Account Supervisor, OpenCommunications

Built by students

CI students learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript during the first year of our tech education program. Graduates of the program are invited back to explore new coding languages and further develop their skills under the guidance of our Tech Instructors. Kashanti, Acerlia, and Samuel are second year participants that volunteered to create this very cool website for TeamInteractive. Many thanks to each of you for your hard work and undeniable skill. Great job guys!